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Harmonic perfumes of the finest materials in melodic themes. All natural and certified vegan.

ANONYMITY Eau de Parfum 10 mL



Citrus, Floral, Green, Herbal, Woody
Bergamot, neroli, geranium, rosemary, lavender, juniper, cedar, sandalwood, violet leaf
Organic alcohol or organic jojoba oil

The fragrance

Anonymity began with the question “What does it mean to smell ‘clean,’ what does clean smell like?” The result is a modern interpretation of Eau de Cologne. A heart of geranium, lavender, juniper, and rosemary connect a sky of neroli and bergamot to an earth of cedar, sandalwood, and violet leaf. A mercurial potion. A fresh, sensual fragrance to be enjoyed whether you are dancing in your bedroom, in your head, or with someone else.

Inspired by Dance Chapter

Dance Chapter – powered by the angelic vocals of Cyrus Bruton – were initially seen by Ivo’s partner Peter Kent as a band who might be capable of filling the void left by the death of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis. Although there wasn’t, in fact, a great deal of musical similarity between the two bands, Dance Chapter’s first single Anonymity was an impressively tense piece of work. A four-song EP – Chapter II – followed in 1981, after which the band parted company with 4AD.

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