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Harmonic perfumes of the finest materials in melodic themes. All natural and certified vegan.

AURELIA Eau de Parfum 10 mL



Balsamic, Citrus, Green, Floral, Spicy
Yuzu, mimosa, green tea, amber, rose, clove, ylang ylang
Organic alcohol or organic jojoba oil

The fragrance

My first acquaintance with Kendra Smith was listening to a compilation tape of the band Opal. Years later I was gifted a promotional copy of Kendra’s solo album Five Ways of Disappearing. She has a distinctive voice and uses it with great effect in her music. Droning rhythms and vibrating melodies undulate as Kendra sings of Aurelia who hides under the guise of night to return to her homeland. In homage, Aurelia conjures clove and amber in green tea. Ylang ylang, mimosa, and rose cast a spell as yuzu puts your senses in a trance. A truly bewitching fragrance.

Inspired by Kendra Smith

Kendra Smith is an American musician who was a founding member of Dream Syndicate, a member of Opal, and later recorded as a solo artist. Not much is known about her after the solo album came out except according to 4AD she had moved to the woods of Northern California in the early 1990s, living in a small cabin with no electricity, and returned there after making two appearances to promote the album.

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